My Own Me

Song: Recovery

Featuring :
Damita Haddon

Produced by: Fred Jenkins lll

Genre: Gospel

Everyday doesn’t always provide the eassiest set of circumstances to say thank you to God for waking me up, but I have learned over the years that music can definitley get me over the hump. This blog is a dedication to anyone in any type of battle in life, spiritual warfare, physical combat, emotional stability, or a fight to keep the family together. It’s our duty to decide whats worth fighting for in our lives and God has given us exactly what we need to win the battles we have and will continue to face. My loves, I want you to know how to walk all over the devil’s face with your joy intact and the following song is number 1., on my list of tools. Recovery, produced by Fred Jenkins lll / featuring Damita Haddon. This song is number one, only because it was what I was listening to when I decided to create a playlist titled “This is The Day.” That’s right, I made a playlist to help me start my day out on “The Good Foot.” So, here we go: 

[Verse 1] 

There’s nothing unique about // Getting bad news // Everybody has a bad day //I do, you do too // But that ain’t no excuse // For you // Not to // Aspire to // A winning attitude  

[Bridge] So I’m gonna think the best // No matter what the test may be // I gotta find the strength to move on anyhow // I’m still gonna press // No matter what the setbacks be // Said I won’t let nothin’ hold me down

 My own me: One of the hardest days for me was the day after being fired from my job.  3 months earlier I moved up to a new position, with more pay, in a new company, that gave me enough overtime to get caught up on “ALL” my bills and make it to disney world by next fall. When you tell a 5yr old child “We’re going to Disney World,” thats not the type of promise you want to renege on. I was heart broken, but I had already learned and trusted in the fact that “all things work together for my good, because I love the lord.” So there was no way I was waking up, walking through my day with my head hung low. So, I hit 

my favorite song at the time and Damita was the next voice I heard. “But that ain’t no excuse // For you // Not to // Aspire to // A winning attitude” her words resignated in my ears like a police siren.  I immediately said to myself “I’m still alive, licking my wounds, “yes”, but I’m still here.” Her voice combined with the truth behind the words lightened the boulder sitting on my shoulders. I headed to the bathroom and begin my normal morning routine. I wasn’t going to work, but I definitley wasn’t staying in the house. 

[Chorus] Quitting is not an option (no it ain’t, no it ain’t, no, no) // Backwards ain’t my direction // (So I put) One foot // In front of the other // (All it takes is one step) // One step, one step // Is the next step // To my recovery My own me: I learned alot about myself at that job, taking care of disabled people. They have the same needs and wants from life as any other human, and helping them get everything out of this life that God has afforeded them gave me joy. The question I was left with was, “What can I do, now?” 

[Verse 2] 

My situation won’t define // Who I’m gonna be (No) // There’s a champion in me // And winning is what I do // But that don’t hardly mean // It’s gonna be easy // Said I’m gonna have to fight through // But I know that I can’t lose, no no 

My Own Me: The subconscious mind makes up about 95% of our brain power and handles everything the body needs to function properly. When we listen to music it stimulates the part of the mind that is responsible for storing beliefs. My dad pointed that out to me when I was a lttle girl, he didn’t word it like that, but I knew what he meant. So, with all this in mind I started putting together my playlist, because my bills and Disney World had me ready to cry. At the time, I didn’t know what my next best move was, but I knew without a doubt crying wasn’t gonna make things better.

 [Bridge] So I’m gonna think the best // No matter what the test may be // I gotta find the strength to move on anyhow (Yeah, yeah, yeah) // I’m still gonna press (I’m still gonna press) // No matter what the setbacks be // Said I won’t let nothin’ bring me down, no! 

[Chorus] Quitting is not an option (No, no it ain’t, no) // Backwards ain’t my direction // (So I put) One foot // In front of the other (One foot in front of the other, yeah) // One step, one step // Is the next step // (To my) To my recovery 

My Own Me: There was a time in my life when I couldn’t see the sun in the middle of summer during a record breaking heat wave. There were so many things happening to me at one time that I could not understand. I didn’t know how to trust God, and my own thinking kept running me into brick walls because I wanted results and I wanted them fast! The reality was, I was making myself depressed and missing out on oppurtunities to be with friends and family that God decided to call “home.” I have found that it’s during the humbling experiences in life that we are able to experience the best of our friends and family because our pride is no longer the driving force. Atleast, that was the case for me. Relaxing into life, into our days, filled with experiences and opportunity, with work and play, is truly a life worth living. One step at a time. 

[Bridge] Said I’m never gonna cease // Never gonna plea // Never gonna stop // Never retreat // Life may knock me down // But I won’t stay there No, no no // Every little step is another step // That is gonna get me // Where I should be // Recovery awaits me // And everything that’s broken // Will be repaired and that’s why

Can you believe it? I am finally writing about music. I hope this song helps you like it has and continues to help me. I love you and I’ve got all my favorite songs lined up. Subscribe to our news letter, then find a like button and click that “thang!”
Francae M. Green  – My Own Me

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